Funny Stories: Funny Stories for Kids (English Edition)

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Funny Stories: Funny Stories for Kids (English Edition)

de Joe King  
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Are you tired of reading the same old fairy tales to your kids at bedtime? Are you tired of bed time stories being pages upon pages long? Are you tired of being so bored when you are reading to your kids, or having them read to you? Well, be bored no more! This collection of childrens stories is designed with the whole family in mind. These stories are funny to read out loud to your kids, or even curl up with yourself if you are looking for a laugh. The best part is that you do not have to read twenty pages to finish a story. If you have five minutes, your child can have a meaningful bedtime story that will leave them giggling and full of wonder in order to ward off bad dreams. These stories are great for families that always seem to be in a hurry, but still want to spend time, and read with, their kids.

These stories are full of easy to read paragraphs with just enough larger words to help build a childs vocabulary with tons of context clues and structure surrounding these words. So whether you are reading to your child, or your child is reading to you, there will not be that frustrating struggle that often happens when a large word is thrown in out of nowhere, interrupting the flow of the sentences and the structure of the paragraph.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a few good laughs with your little ones. Whether they are three or thirteen. People of all ages will enjoy these silly stories, and carry them with them wherever they go. Enjoy!

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